Publication date : 16/05/2023
International cooperation

ParisTech schools welcomed Nanjing University

Physical exchanges with China have started again in the last months. Chinese universities take advantage of this opportunity to visit their foreign partners, including ParisTech, with which they have been cooperating since 2000.

Prof. YANG Zhong, Executive Vice President of Nanjing University, and Dr. CHENG Xu, Vice Dean of the Institute for International Students, visited ParisTech on May 12.  On the French side, Marine Godaux (AgroParisTech), Fethi Bedioui (Chimie ParisTech - PSL), Ricardo Lobo and Fenglin Liang (ESPCI Paris - PSL), Pierre Baladi (Institut d'Optique), Mayra Agudelo (Mines Paris - PSL) and Florence Lelait (ParisTech) were present.

The partners began by talking about what has been accomplished since the first Memorandum of Understanding that was signed in 2004. Since then, many Chinese students have joined the ParisTech schools to obtain an engineering degree from one of them. Nanjing University has also signed a double degree agreement with ESPCI Paris - PSL.

Then the two delegations discussed how cooperation could be strengthened both at the academic and scientific levels. Nanjing University presented the new campus in Suzhou and the Nanjing University - Helsinki School dedicated to atmospheric sciences and climate change which is located there and should welcome its first bachelor students in September 2023. Several schools have expressed their interest in signing a double degree with Nanjing University, thus building a win-win partnership.

The partners also want to strengthen scientific cooperation. The schools have offered to host students from Nanjing University for internships in their laboratories, the best way in their point of view to strengthen cooperation. In return, the Chinese university has declared itself ready to receive French students in its laboratories.

A great post-COVID meeting to strengthen cooperation on the eve of the opening of the ParisTech International Admission Program 2023!


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