Admission paths in France

Admission in France

Students in engineering with different profiles

ParisTech schools train students in engineering with a high level in science who will be able to provide technological solutions to major societal and environmental challenges. These are the leaders of tomorrow.

ParisTech schools offer excellent curricula in three years (or even four years at ESPCI Paris – PSL). They carry out a rigorous selection of candidates and admit a limited number of students allowing for personalized follow-up: 1% of French students enter these schools.

If 80% of candidates were previously in the so-calles « preparatory classes », ParisTech schools also recruit students coming from other curricula in order to diversify the students’ profiles. Therefore  it is possible for students in France to be admitted in these schools after

  • A BTS and/or an ATS class (diploma for technician in 2 years),
  • A BUT (bachelor for technology),
  • An « integrated preparatory class »,
  • Second/third year of Bachelor (at ESPCI Paris – PSL and Institut d’Optique) or in the last year of bachelor in the other schools,
  • A master degree.

The schools of the University PSL (Chimie ParisTech, ESPCI Paris, Mines Paris) also recruit students from the CPES (multidisciplinary undergraduate degree).

A few places are also reserved for students from Ecole Polytechnique of from the Ecoles normales supérieures.

A highly motivated science student with an excellent level can be admitted in the first year, or even in the second year. These new access routes may differ from one school to another.

Most students enter the schools in the first year after a preparatory class. The schools admit students from the different options (biology, mathematics and physics, physics and engineering, physics and chemistry, physics and technology, biotechnology, computer science) but the number of places offered can vary greatly from one option to another.

In the second year of the preparatory class, students choose which competitive examinations they wish to take. The competitive exams to which the ParisTech schools belong are the following:

More information about the organisation of the national competitions are available on the website of Service de Concours Ecoles d’Ingénieurs (SCEI).

In order to best prepare for your entry into a preparatory class, or even a bachelor's degree, BTS or BUT, and subsequently your entry into a ParisTech school, it is recommended that you choose in your final year before « baccalauréat » :

  • In the general track
    • specialty «mathematics
    • a second one : «physics-chemistry», « engineering », « computer science »,  or « Earth and life sciences » or « biology ecology », depending on your personal interest or what you want to study after « bac »,
    • eventually the elective course « mathematics - complement »
  • In the track "Technology"
    • « Science and technology for industry and sustainability » (bac STI2D) or « Laboratory science and technology» (bac STL), or
    • « Laboratory science in physics and chemistry » (bac STL),
    • « Science and technology for agriculture and life (bac STAV)

Students with a BTS or BUT in science or technology can apply to engineering schools. They must have obtained excellent results and be highly motivated.

It is strongly recommended that they first go through an ATS class in order to strengthen their knowledge in science and technology, their skills in French and in a foreign language in order to meet the expectations of the schools.

Admission procedures are specific to each school.

Bachelor’s students, or eventually students in master (1st year) who wish to enroll in an engineering program can be admitted through the admission procedure organized by

  • GEI-UNIV for Arts et Métiers, Chimie ParisTech – PSL, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, ESPCI Paris – PSL, Institut d’Optique Graduate School, Mines Paris – PSL.

There are no disciplinary restrictions. The application must be submitted between January and March each year. Candidates are required to take written tests and an interview. The examination of their application file and their motivation are also essential elements in the assessment of their application.

  • SCAV for AgroParisTech. The application must be submitted between early December and early January

Each ParisTech school also admits students through double degrees with a lot of French higher education institutions.

All schools also admit each year a lot of international students through the ParisTech International Admission Program or their own selection process. More information on our dedicated website or in the FAQ.

Testimonials of students

Léa was admitted at Chimie ParisTech - PSL after a prep class in biology (2019)

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Thomas was admitted at Chimie ParisTech - PSL after a DUT (2019)

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Romane-Laure was admitted at AgroParisTech after a bachelor at university (2020)

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