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Research potential

Strong research potential supported by solid partnerships

With more than 84 laboratories and more than 3,000 research staff, the ParisTech Grandes Écoles have enormous research potential.

12 scientific fields

The research activity of the ParisTech Grandes Écoles regularly wins awards, and concerns basic scientific matters as well as more applied fields. This activity covers 12 key fields:

  • Chemistry, physical chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Computer and communication science and technology
  • Design and industrialisation
  • Economic, management and social sciences
  • Energy and processes
  • Environmental science and technology, sustainable development, geosciences
  • Life and health science and technology
  • Materials science, mechanics, and fluids
  • Mathematics and their applications
  • Physics and optics
  • Planning and transport
  • Science and bioengineering for agriculture, food, and the environment

Research studies in the Grandes Écoles are published each year by more than 10,000 scientific publications, available on 

HAL ParisTech

Academic partnerships

These laboratories are in partnership with:

Research institutions:


Partnerships with companies

The network Grandes Écoles are involved with companies, as much in co-operative research as in partnership research. A strong tie and an unfailing trust have developed between the Grandes Écoles and companies:

  • a strong commitment from the Grandes Écoles in the Instituts Carnot and also many competitiveness clusters  

  • the development of more than 70 teaching and research chairs

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