Publication date : 29/05/2023
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ParisTech International Admission Program 2023 : only 1 application for 7 prestigious schools!

Each Fall, the seven schools in the ParisTech network recruit international students who will join them in the second year of their engineering program. A simple and unique process that allows candidates to compete for a chance to enter one of the seven ParisTech schools.

As it does every Spring, ParisTech launches its recruitment campaign for international students, the ParisTech International Admission Program. A unique admission procedure to gain access to 7 of the most prestigious engineering schools in France and to enter the engineering cycle in the 2nd year.

The ParisTech schools - AgroParisTech, Arts et Métiers, Chimie ParisTech - PSL, École des Ponts ParisTech, ESPCI Paris - PSL, Institut d'Optique, Mines Paris - PSL - welcome several dozen students from partner universities in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and China every year. The schools have also opened up to individual applications from all universities in China since 2016, from Asia since 2021, and since 2022 from all other countries around the world.

The program is open to excellent science and technology or engineering students who will be in their final year of undergraduate studies starting in September 2023, who wish to study in France from September 2024 in the second year of an engineering program (master's level), and who are willing to learn French.

The program is a unique opportunity to study in or near the center of Paris, to become a bicultural engineer by studying in French, to benefit from training that combines theory and practice (projects with companies, compulsory internships in France and/or abroad), to discover a very rich student and community life in the schools... and to discover Paris, France and Europe!

International students who graduate from ParisTech schools go on to pursue a wide variety of careers. Some choose to stay and work in France, others return to their home country, and still others leave to pursue an international career in another country. Others decide to continue with a thesis in France, in the ParisTech schools or elsewhere, or abroad in prestigious universities.

To apply, nothing could be easier:

  • Complete an application file and upload the required documents between June 1 and September 21, 2023,
  • Take the scientific test,
  • If you are selected, have a motivational interview with the ParisTech jury,
  • If you are selected, rank the schools that are interested in your profile
  • Possibly have scientific interviews with certain schools
  • ... wait for the results (expected on November 17).

More information about the ParisTech International Admission Program:

  • On our dedicated website  Studywithus
  • Watch the webinar organized on June 6, 2023 with all ParisTech schools on YouTube or BiliBili


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