ParisTech's visit at CSC in Beijing, January 16, 2020


ParisTech - China Scholarship Council Programme « 9+9 »

In 2000, ParisTech, with the strong support of the Chinese Ministry of Education, set up with Chinese universities and ParisTech « Grandes Ecoles » Schools of Engineering, an exchange program called “9+9 Program” that aimed at selecting, and training in France Chinese students in all fields of Engineering. In 2012, the Program was extended to 12 Chinese Universities, including the previous ones. In 2016, the Program was extended to individual applications from students enrolled in any Chinese university.

In view of this long-lasting collaboration between China and France, together with a continuously increasing number of Chinese students selected for the « 9+9 » Program, or pursuing double degrees in ParisTech schools, the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and ParisTech established a collaborative arrangement for the purpose of ensuring a sustainable partnership strengthening the Sino-French cooperation in education and training of multicultural engineers.

The ParisTech – CSC graduate program scholarship is opened to students – young women and young men - recruited through the 9+9 Program, as well as students admitted at a ParisTech school through a double degree program.

For a description of the scholarship program on the CSC website, please check here (in Chinese).


Tuition fees in ParisTech schools



The pandemic is under control in France thanks to a high level of vaccination in the population.

In ParisTech schools, 95% of the students and of staff are vaccinated. All schools implement the governmental sanitary instructions (hydroalcoholic gel, masks if needed). The schools take care of international students.

Before arriving in France, please read carefully the instructions on CampusFrance webpage before arrival and the governmental recommendations when you are in France.

If you have to observe a period of isolation on arrival, ParisTech schools will accompany you and stay tuned to organise the courses for you.

Please note that registration in the French health insurance system is mandatory and free of charge and will entitle you to reimbursement of your health care expenses. All international students are guided in applying for a medical insurance card  If you need to be vaccinated when you arrive in France, it will be free of charge. Testing is also free of charge if you are vaccinated.

ParisTech schools organise everything so that you can follow courses even if you need to be isolated during a few days when you arrive.

The previous years under COVID-19, ParisTech schools managed to host their international students while coping with all sanitary conditions provided by the French authorities.

You are warm welcome in France !