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From awareness to business creation

When they graduate from ParisTech schools, most students choose to enter the business world, while others continue their studies or embark on research by doing a thesis. But some of them decide to create their own company. This is often the result of a path that began in the engineering school.

The generalist engineering training provided by the schools is in permanent contact with companies. In this sense, most of the classes are sponsored by a company that accompanies them during their studies, and the students carry out internships in companies, thus actively preparing themselves for their entry into professional life. Some of them even choose to create their own job by setting up their own company, or at least have the desire to be trained for it. There each school offers its students an introduction to entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and technological innovation.

Entrepreneurship training can take many different forms:

  • Dedicated training modules, often starting in the first year, that allow students to learn about entrepreneurship, and even to go into greater depth in the second and third years;

  • A three-year pathway leading to the creation of a company for those who wish to do so;

  • Participation in specific events (e.g. fictitious creation of a company in one night, internal competition with prizes, meetings with professionals).

Regardless of the teaching methods chosen by the schools, students are immersed in the world of entrepreneurship, work on concrete projects, exchange ideas with big companies and start-ups, etc. They also benefit from the schools' infrastructures - fablabs, research labs, third places, technological platforms, etc. -, the support of teachers and researchers, the schools' dedicated services, and even alumni, and can rely on the schools' partners (PEPITE, Carnot institutes, etc.). Future entrepreneurs can also receive support from the schools' internal incubators or partner incubators.

Whatever the students' project, the schools adapt to provide the best possible support. 10 to 20 students follow this type of path every year in each school. And some of them start their own business during their studies, after graduation or even a few years later: we can mention some successes such as Circul’eggEffilux or Zozio.

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