Student exchange between ParisTech schools


Student exchange between schools

The ParisTech schools offer a different range of curricula, focusing on particular fields. In order to allow their own students to benefit from this wealth of disciplines, the schools decided in 2008 to exchange their students so that they could acquire new skills in another environment close to their school.

These exchanges can take several forms:

  • The final year of the engineering curriculum: students entering the final year of one of the schools may spend their final year in one of the other schools;
  • Repeating a year in the engineering curriculum: students repeating a year can do this year in one of the other schools;
  • Substitution: students can replace part of their training with courses given in one or more of the other schools (equivalent number of ECTS);
  • PhD: PhD candidates from one of the schools may, as part of the complementary courses required for their thesis, take courses, teaching units or seminars in one or more of the other schools.