Le bureau de ParisTech: Christian Lerminiaux, Anthony Briant, Rémi Carminati, Vincent Laflèche



The Governing Board of ParisTech allows the schools of the network to coordinate and develop a common reflection and to build projects with the goal of being implemented by these schools.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of four directors:

- President: Christian Lerminiaux (Chimie ParisTech - PSL)

- Vice-President: Anthony Briant (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech)

- Treasurer: Rémi Carminati (Institut d'Optique)

- Secretary: Vincent Laflèche (Mines Paris - PSL)


Governing Board

It is composed of the directors of the Schools. The presidents of University Paris Sciences et Lettres and Université Paris-Saclay are invited.


General Assembly

It sets the general orientations for actions put in place by ParisTech.



On the operational side, 4 inter-school thematic commissions bring together the corresponding people in charge in the Schools. Their role is to motivate inter-school life, to analyse the opportunity and the conditions for implementing common activities, to keep an eye on the consistency of actions in progress and to contribute to the coordination of projects.

•   Teaching commission - President Laurent Buisson (AgroParisTech)

•   Diversity commission - President Laurent Champaney (Arts et Métiers)

•   International commission - President Vincent Laflèche (Mines Paris - PSL)

•   Communication commission – President Christian Lerminiaux (Chimie ParisTech - PSL)



Based around a General Delegate in charge of leading and coordinating the implementation of the major orientations set by the founders’ committee, the work of each commission is performed by a delegate who makes sure to share best pratices, to prepare the reflections on and the implementation of the common actions.

General delegate, in charge of international affairs: Florence Lelait

Delegate for communication: Claudia Gineston

Delegate for diversity and teaching: Marie-Ségolène Naudin

Director ParisTech Office in Asia: Marie de Boni

Coordinator ParisTech Office in Asia: Minhua Yang

Coordinator ParisTech Brazil: Florian Pradelle