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Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology

Talent booster for industry of the future

Arts et Métiers has been a leading graduate engineering school since 1780. Through its training offer and research partnerships, it strives to meet the constantly evolving challenges of industry and society.

The school’s identity

Arts et Métiers was founded on the ideas of the Enlightenment, a movement that inspired the Duke of Liancourt, the school's founder: "To combine the skill of the hand with the intelligence of knowledge" was the school's vocation.

Arts et Métiers trains 6,000 students each year. Through its different curricula, its 15 laboratories and its research partnerships, the school is a socio-economic player at the service of the regions.

With eight campuses and three institutes in France, it is exceptionally close to industry. This unique positioning enables us to align the content of our programs as closely as possible with the needs of businesses. This ambition is supported by its international outreach (170 partner graduate schools and universities abroad).


Engineering at Arts et Métiers

The engineer graduated from Arts et Métiers will be able to design products and systems that respect the environment, but also to control an industrial organization by controlling risks and costs.  

Theory combined with practice will enable the development of skills in:

  • Technical and technological skills (fluid mechanics, mathematics-computing, electronics, materials science, solid mechanics, electronics, design, dimensioning, manufacturing);
  • Human or soft skills, particularly thanks to the student life activities which allow him to develop useful skills in companies: project development, management, fundraising, adaptability, creativity, prevention plan...


Training offer

Arts et Métiers offers a range of initial and executive education programs from undergraduate to doctoral level. Its education programs are adapted to the needs of industry and are constantly evolving.

In addition to its Grande Ecole program (graduate engineer), the school offers ten engineering programs for specialty engineers (in apprenticeship), a Bachelor of Technology (duration : 3 years), as well as some 20 master programs dedicated to research, 14 advanced masters and a doctoral program.


Research at Arts et Métiers

With 15 laboratories located on its campuses, Arts et Métiers is developing cutting-edge research in three areas: "life cycle digitization", "sustainable and low-carbon engineering" and "materials, structures and intelligent systems".

The institution has a research showcase subsidiary (AMVALOR) and is the head of the Carnot ARTS Institute, which brings together 23 research and innovation laboratories.

It is also a member of EIT Manufacturing and has six research chairs in health, environment, clean mobility and intelligent industrial systems.


The commitments of the school

Arts et Métiers is a public school committed to community life. The school's history is marked by a strong social and humanistic stance, which continues today with awareness raising actions and support for student initiatives.

With low tuition fees, student accomodations and scholarship programs, the school tries to remove social and geographical barriers.

Through its promotional activities, it raises awareness of science and engineering  among young people, especially girls.

Student life is organized around civic actions and humanitarian projects on site.

Sustainable development is a major issue for the school, which strives to raise awareness among its students and to offer training adapted to the transitions.


Staff testimonials

Audrey Stewart, Director of European & international development (2020)

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Student testimonials

Sergio, Universidad Nacional de Colombia - campus Manizales (2024)

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