ParisTech is member of CESAER (Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research), a European association that gathers leading specialised and comprehensive universities of science and technology. Founded in 1990, the association unites 52 member institutions.

CESAER pursues 5 goals:

  • share information and best practices in higher education, research, innovation and governance
  • influence key bodies: aid policy-makers and funders to shapre European strategies, policies and funding programmes
  • boost participation in European  funding programmes
  • promote our strengths: support CESAER’s members in displaying their excellence and distinctiveness at European level and beyond
  • contribute to debate on key issues: promote reflection and understanding of role of science and technology in open knowledge societies.

ParisTech engages with CESAER by participating in task forces (competitive funding, teaching and learning, etc.)


Contact point at ParisTech: Florence Lelait