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Our network

International co-operation is inherent to the education and research activities developed within ParisTech. ParisTech is a preferred French partner for major foreign universities in the scientific, technical, and managerial fields.

International agreements

Beyond the individual actions carried out by its member Grandes Écoles, its international commitment is shown by bilateral partnership agreements with prestigious foreign institutions and its integration in the co-operation networks dedicated to teaching and research (ATHENSCESAERMagalhaes).

These framework agreements organize student mobility, with or without a degree, and relations between teachers and researchers with the faculties or departments interested in exchanges. More generally, these agreements make it possible to strengthen education and research relationships.

One of the priorities of ParisTech's international activities is to develop double degree programmes between one or more ParisTech schools and the faculties and departments of partner universities. The organization of the double degree programs is defined by the framework agreements and specified by specific agreements (annex) between the ParisTech schools and the partner university's department/faculty to meet their own objectives.

The double degree programs provide French and international students with a high-level scientific and technical education that benefits from the strengths of the academic partners, language skills, and the ability to adapt to different cultural environments, through a long-term stay in each of the two countries concerned.

Students obtain the diploma of their home university and the French « diplôme d’ingénieur » (master level). This experience is valued by companies that are looking for high-potential engineers with bicultural experience to contribute to the implementation of their international development strategy.

International students can also benefit from the financial arrangements put in place by the schools to facilitate their stay.

Partner universities

After deploying its network of international partners in emerging countries (China, Brazil, Russia, Colombia, Argentina) since more than 20 years, ParisTech opened up to Africa and Asia, then to the rest of the world thanks to the International Recruitment Program (engineering curriculum).

ParisTech's partner universities are currently:

- In Africa

- In Asia

- In Europe

- In Latin America

- In Middle-East