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The ParisTech network

Connect. Innovate. Share.

Comprising excellent Grandes Écoles, each of which is a leader in its field, ParisTech has been promoting French education in science and engineering, research-based and close to businesses, for over 30 years. 

The complementary nature of the schools' teaching and research fields provides students, researchers and all partners (institutions and companies) with an exceptional network that allows for unique transdisciplinarity. Internationally, ParisTech is the preferred partner of many major foreign universities through partnership agreements and targeted joint actions.

5 common values unite the Schools of the network

  • Excellence based on the French “Grandes Ecoles” model
  • International openness
  • Social openness
  • Innovation, the key to the future success of our Schools
  • Solidarity: class sizes are kept intentionally small to allow students to interact closely together and with teaching staff, both during and after their studies. 

5 guidelines for the activities of ParisTech

  • To promote in France and throughout the world the model of high-level research-based engineering education, representative of the diversity of society;
  • To encourage international incoming and outgoing student mobility through partnerships and the organization of the ParisTech International Admission Program, including in the context of double degrees or short-term mobility, with or without a degree;
  • To improve high-level engineering education in France by carrying out, encouraging, implementing and promoting all actions that allow for the sharing of experience and the exchange of best practices in engineering education and higher education in science and technology;
  • To encourage student mobility between member schools of the association and joint training projects between member schools that wish to do so;
  • To promote diversity (social, geographical, gender...) in engineering training in coordination, for the schools concerned, with universities.

The ParisTech brand name: an international standard

The ParisTech brand name focuses on two values: education based on the French Grande École model in France and abroad, and multi-disciplinarity in education and research for the benefit of business.

ParisTech has gained strong public recognition over the years, due to its close ties with major foreign universities and its many partnerships with international companies. Through the ParisTech brand name, the Grandes Écoles can benefit from international recognition.