Latin America

ParisTech develops cooperation with Latin America since more than 20 years.Cooperating with Brazil, ParisTech has extended its international admission programme to students in Colombia and more recently in Argentina.

ParisTech has been considering Latin America since 2002 by prospecting in Brazil, then by taking an interest in Mexico and Argentina.

The quality of higher education, the economic influence and the presence of numerous French companies had made Brazil a major partner of interest. Companies in both countries were eager to recruit bicultural engineers trained in the framework of partnerships between high-level institutions. ParisTech has a dozen academic partners in Brazil among the largest universities and the schools have been recruiting Brazilian students since 2006. ParisTech also has a representative in Brazil.

The network expanded its partnerships to Argentina in 2009, as part of the ARFITEC program, and then opened up international recruitment in that country, a few years after having done so in Colombia with the country's largest universities.

The schools are also advancing their knowledge of Mexico through the MEXFITEC program.


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