ParisTech's primary aim is to be open to the international students and foreign universities.

The schools first endeavored to strengthen their European roots with the ATHENS network and are still involved today in specific projects that give all of them a high profile within the framework of European universities such as EELISA. 

From the outset, ParisTech has initiated an international network that now includes more than 50 partner universities, notably in China, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Russia, but also in Mexico, Iran, Japan and Korea.

Each year, ParisTech admits students from these first five countries and develops academic mobility with its partners. Accompanying the growth of French companies, the schools initially focused on emerging countries where new markets were opening up. The aim is to train students in engineering who will act as a bridge between their country of origin and France, and who will be able to work in French companies located there. The aim is also to encourage engineering students to pursue their doctoral studies by establishing scientific partnerships between their country and France. Since 2021, the recruitment of international students has been extended to several Asian countries and since 2022 to the entire world. 

Since 2019, ParisTech has also been working to develop partnerships in Africa, a continent of the future.