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A research-based training program

ParisTech's seven schools train tomorrow's engineers, managers and researchers who contribute to solving global challenges in a society where innovation plays an increasingly important role.

The programs in science & engineering offered by ParisTech schools are firmly research-based:

dozens of laboratories, several hundred academic staff, a lot of experimentation sessions and research-related courses... all aspects that enable the schools to offer a rich and varied ecosystem to their students, enabling them to come face to face with research during their studies, and often from the very start. As a result, a significant number of engineering graduates pursue a PhD.

Every year, ParisTech schools’ researchers are the authors of scientific publications in the most prestigious journals. The excellence of the research carried out in the schools is recognized by the ERC (European Research Council), which regularly awards grants to researchers from the schools.

Taking advantage of these exceptional scientific ecosystems, our teaching teams propose appropriate teaching paths to immerse students as early and effectively as possible in the world of research, and introduce them to its specific features and working methods. Each school offers its students a different pathway. Some schools even go so far as to create special programs for the most motivated students, enabling them to follow this path right from the start of their studies.

The introduction of research into the engineering curriculum gives a big added-value to the teaching process as a whole, and enables students to deploy skills they would not have been able to apply so early on outside this supportive environment. It enables the schools to

  • provide training at the cutting edge of scientific knowledge,
  • introduce students in engineering to research and encourage vocations in this field,
  • train students in engineering to evolve in an uncertain environment where solutions have to be invented,
  • stimulate the creativity of students in engineering.

So many opportunities for students to be prepared for research, whether in academic research, in the R&D department of a large company or in a start-up, and to invent solutions of the future.


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