Mines Paris - PSL

Theory and Practice


235 years of history, always at the forefront of technological advances, modernity and heritage are an integral part of the identity and durability of Mines Paris - PSL.


Joining PSL University from 2012, our school offers graduate and post-graduate education programs to 1700 students, holds 18 research centers and is ranked # 1 institute for research partnerships, a unique link with


  • Excellence training 

190 civil engineers graduated per year and 28 specialized engineers recruited

230 graduates from 19 specialized Masters (including 2 created in 2018)

15 engineers from the Corps des mines

80 new doctoral graduates per year

150 trainees in continuing education


  • A school in symbiosis with the corporate world 

More than 23 million euros in research contracts per year (in partnership with ARMINES, Fondation Mines ParisTech ...)

1st French engineering school for the volume of contractual research

760 research contracts per year

200 industrial partners representing ¾ direct contracts

25 teaching and research chairs

20 companies created thanks to the School over the past 5 years:

Spotistic, Expliseat, 1Year 1Book, Nest for All, Weezic ...

311 patents and software

7 million euros in software industrialization and marketing activity,

made by Transvalor


  • A top research school 

2 Nobel Prize winners trained at the School (28 with PSL and 10 Fields Medals)

Maurice Allais (economics, 1988) and Georges Charpak (physics, 1992)

232 teacher-researchers

18 research centers, at the cutting edge in their field

80 theses defended per year

440 A-rank articles or books published each year

Creation of new disciplines: geostatistics, mathematical morphology, flat systems ...


  • Open to the world 

120 partner universities on 5 continents

30 double-degree agreements

35% of students of international students

52 nationalities represented

15% of teacher-researchers recruited internationally

20% of research contracts carried out with a foreign partner

Numerous research partnerships with French or foreign organizations:

CNRS, Institut Mines-Télécom, ParisTech, Inria, MIT, CalTech ...




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Alma Catala, Director of International Relations, tells us about Mines Paris - PSL (2020)




Students tell us about their experience at Mines Paris - PSL


Jing, a Chinese student from Wuhan University (2022)



and read her interview before arrival in France in 2022 here



Pengyu, a Chinese student from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, SPEIT (2022)



Yinuo, a Chinese student from Beijing University of Chemical Technology - BUCT (2022)




Julio, a Brazilian student from University of Sao Paulo - USP (2021)



Federico, a Colombian student from University EIA (2021)




Bo, a Chinese student from Civil Aviation University of China (2020)



Jingya, a Chinese student coming from Sun Yat-Sen University (2020)



Zhihao, a Chinese student coming from Shanghai JiaoTong University (2020)



Francisco, an Argentine student, prepares a double diploma Mines Paris - PSL / University Buenos Aires (2020)



Sebastian, an Argentine student, prepares a double diploma Mines Paris - PSL / University Buenos Aires (2020)


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