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Publication date : 20/06/2024
International cooperation

Xinyi LIU, a Chinese student at Chimie ParisTech – PSL, testifies

Xinyi Liu was previously student at Paris Curie Engineering School (Beijing), Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

Introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Xinyi Liu, and I am currently enrolled in the Chimie ParisTech Engineer Program.

How did you discover the ParisTech schools’ engineering programs?

Since my undergraduate study in the Sino-French cooperative education program, I have gained a certain understanding of the French engineering system through the college; I learned about the ParisTech program after communicating with my seniors and teachers of the college, and the idea of applying for the program came to me.

Why is Chimie ParisTech attractive and why did you finally choose this ParisTech school? What do you want to study?

First, the most basic and important thing is that Chimie ParisTech's engineering program is highly relevant to my previous educational background. Secondly, on top of that, Chimie ParisTech offers a wide variety of programs in different segments of the chemistry field, which will allow me to increase the breadth of my knowledge while maintaining its precision. Like other engineering schools, Chimie ParisTech values students' ability to be innovative and gives them the platform to combine innovation with chemistry.

Which skills do you want to gain in Chimie ParisTech? How did you distinguish the master program in China and the “diplôme d’ingénieur” in France?

As I mentioned earlier, in Chimie, not only can you focus on a certain field, but also expand your knowledge in other areas, which is not only the accumulation of knowledge but also the exercise of thinking and logic for me. Compared with the master's degree teaching in China, I think that apart from the difference in the content of the lectures, the biggest difference is that the engineering school will provide students with two internships of no less than 5 months each. Students can work in companies, research institutes, university laboratories, etc. Students will have a higher degree of choice, but the same it will also make the student's scientific research experience a little inferior. However, I think that for students who do not have a very detailed plan for their future, the internship can be an opportunity to try out different positions.

How did you prepare your application (scientific test, interview)?

Written Exam: Check the scope of the exam questions through the official ParisTech website and review them according to what you have learned and the requirements of your target school.

Interview: Have a very clear plan for your future studies and career.

How does your school help you towards the job market?

Chimie ParisTech invites different companies to give presentations every Monday and invites graduated and working students to come back to school to introduce their internship experiences. Chimie also organizes Forum Horizon Chimie in cooperation with ESPCI and other schools, which not only provides students with opportunities to meet with HR and project managers of companies in real-time but also provides mock interviews and guidance, as well as a variety of possibilities to continue their education after graduation (PhD/business/dual degree, etc.). This event not only allows students to meet HR and project managers from various companies but also provides mock interviews and mentoring, as well as a variety of possibilities for students to continue their education after graduation (PhD/Business/Dual Degree, etc.).

The school also provides students with exclusive internship positions and often forwards information on internships from former students or teachers.

Describe your research experience in a lab.

For international students enrolled in Chimie 2A [second year], this year-long internship is mandatory to be done in France (research position) and must be at least 4 months minimum. In addition to the current seminars offered by the school, I highly recommend searching on JobTeaser (there are exclusive internships available). The letter of motivation and CV are very important to find an internship in France, but they are slightly different than in China.  Chimie ParisTech has specialized teachers to help international students revise their CVs.

When looking for an internship, you must be clear about which area you want to look for, whether your qualifications are suitable, and submit as many CVs as possible with a full understanding of the requirements of each internship (most of the companies in France do not send rejection letters).

After the first round of CVs and motivation letters, there are usually 1-2 rounds of interviews (usually 2 rounds, sometimes with a written test); one with the director of the internship program and one with the company's HR. The former will focus more on the student's personal and professional qualities, while the latter is more on the student's subjective qualities (e.g. personality, thinking, etc.), so you need to prepare for it. You can prepare from the following aspects: 1-recall the research background on your resume, and try to describe it in short words; 2-recall the chemical/physical analysis you have mastered, and try to elaborate it in short words (theory, analysis, etc.); 3-familiarize yourself with the requirements of the internship position, and be able to summarize it in your own words; 4-have a certain understanding about the company (check out the official website); 5-prepare some information about the internship company (see the official website);  6- Prepare 1-2 questions about the internship position/company to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview.

For the latter (HR) interview, the content of the interview may vary slightly from company to company. Maybe the HR will tell you about the company in detail and ask you to repeat a certain aspect that he/she mentioned; perhaps he/she will give you a background of the project and ask you how you should plan and consider implementing the project.

What about the student life at Chimie ParisTech?

Many clubs and student organizations hold various events on/off campus from time to time; for example, BDE organizes a 3-day trip to France for new students when they first start school; BDA holds an on-campus concert on Fridays after classes; the culinary club holds potlucks on specific food-related holidays... ...


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