Publication date : 18/10/2022
International cooperation

ParisTech welcomes ITB, a future Indonesian partner

On October 13, ParisTech welcomed Mr. Anika Puma Patrama, associate professor at the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in charge of international partnerships, as part of the expansion of its partnerships in Asia. 


ParisTech has decided in 2021 to expand its partnerships in Asia. The ParisTech Office in China has become the ParisTech Office in Asia. It is responsible for establishing new partnerships in the countries of Asia, particularly in order to diversify the profile of international students who come to study at ParisTech schools. 

In this context, the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia's leading university in engineering, is an important potential partner. Following the contacts made by Marie de Boni from Shanghai, the ParisTech schools were delighted to welcome to Paris Mr. Anika Puma Patrama, associate professor at the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in charge of international partnerships. 

After a presentation of ParisTech and its schools and of the ITB's internationalization strategy, Mr. Puma Patrama had the opportunity to exchange with Marine Godaux and Mayra Agudelo who represented respectively AgroParisTech and Mines Paris - PSL, and more broadly the ParisTech schools. 

The profile of the ITB being very close to the profile of the ParisTech schools, the discussions were very useful and fruitful for both parties. The ITB also wishes to become more international and welcome more international students. Since ITB offers many courses in English, ParisTech students would have the opportunity - at first - to do a semester of exchange studies there. This would be a unique opportunity to discover other ways of thinking, a new culture and to carry out the mandatory international mobility in the engineering curriculum. Indonesia could be particularly interesting for students interested in climate change since the country is directly confronted with it. 

The participants of the meeting left on the observation of a mutual interest, of the possibility of launching student exchanges as early as September 2023. The MoU, the first step of the process, is being signed and the partners will be able to promote France as a destination for Indonesian students and Indonesia as a destination for French students as early as this year. 

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