Alma Catala & Marie de Boni at Tongji University


Publication date : 04/05/2023
International cooperation

ParisTech visits its Chinese partners again

Marie de BONI, ParisTech Asia, and Alma CATALA LUNA, Mines Paris - PSL, visited several Chinese universities, a great opportunity to consolidate partnerships and exchange on the cross-mobility of students.

Alma CATALA LUNA, Director of international relations at Mines Paris - PSL, and Marie DE BONI, Director of ParisTech in Asia based in Shanghai, toured China to visit some Chinese partner universities including Tongji University, Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University and Peking University at the end of April. The purpose of this tour was to strengthen the ties between ParisTech schools and Chinese partner universities, discuss graduate and non-graduate student exchanges, as well as seek to establish deeper collaborations.

During this tour of China, the delegation met with several university officials. At Tongji University, they discussed with the Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office the creation of new exchange opportunities for students.

The two representatives of ParisTech schools also visited Zhejiang University where they exchanged with the Director, Deputy Director and Partnership Coordinator of the International Relations Office as well as with the Executive Vice Dean of the School of Mathematics. Discussions focused on the existing double degree agreement and on how to encourage more students from Zhejiang University to come and study at ParisTech schools.

At Tsinghua University, they were able to visit the School of Environment and exchange with the Vice-Director of the Department of Energy and Power Engineering as well as the Deputy Dean of the School. In particular, they discussed the advanced master programs existing between Tsinghua and the École des Mines.

Finally, at Peking University, Alma CATALA LUNA and Marie de BONI met with the Deputy Director of the International Relations Office to discuss the possibilities of non-degree exchanges in both directions. These meetings were rich in exchanges and allowed to reinforce the links between our institutions.

These visits were also an opportunity to announce the upcoming opening (June 1st) of the application site for the 9+9 program (ParisTech International Admission Program). This program allows Chinese students to apply to 7 ParisTech schools simultaneously. Admission to one of ParisTech's schools opens the royal road to a PhD in France while delivering the very specific, general and prestigious French engineering degree.

In addition to the visit of the university partners, an after work meeting with the alumni allowed them to celebrate the beginning of Spring together and to consolidate the networks.

The Director of ParisTech Asia and the Director of the International Department of Mines Paris - PSL are very pleased to have met their Chinese partners and are determined to maintain existing collaborations while seeking new opportunities for win-win collaboration. The ParisTech schools are convinced that these exchanges will strengthen ties with Chinese partner universities and contribute to the advancement of higher education and research in France and China.

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