Publication date : 20/05/2021
International cooperation

Christian Lerminiaux appointed CESAER Envoy for the EU French Presidency

CESAER, the European association of universities of science and technology, works to represent its members before the European institutions. It organise its work with other European associations like the European University Association (EUA). It works also with the Members States that take over the EU presidency.


ParisTech, one founding member of CESAER, the European association of the universities of science and technology, commits on European affairs since the beginning. ParisTech schools are involved in European networks like ATHENS, IDEAL and the European university EELISA. They exchange good practices at European level.

CESAER also promotes the positions of its members on European funding programmes – Horizon Europe, Erasmus+… - and the European research, innovation and higher education policies. The association publishes regularly position papers, e.g. Towards a truly reinforced European Research Area and Towards a dynamic European Education Area driven by excellence. So, the Board of Directors of CESAER has decided to nominate an Envoy coming from the country in charge of the EU presidency to support the association.

As far as the French EU Presidency is coming soon (1st semester 2022) and after they consult all French CESAER members, the Board of Directors has decided to appoint Christian Lerminiaux, President of ParisTech, as envoy of CESAER on the European Research Area (ERA) and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). He will support CESAER and its president as well as the Board of Directors on key issues for the association, including the ERA, the EHEA, the Higher Education Transformation Agenda and European Universities. 

Christian Lerminiaux follows up Ernst Schmachtenberg, former rector of RWTH (Aachen, Germany) who served as CESAER Envoy to the German Presidency, and Arlindo Oliveira (former President of Instituto Superior Técnico) as our ERA & EEA Envoy to the Portuguese Presidency.




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