Chimie ParisTech at University of Nairobi


Publication date : 16/12/2022
International cooperation

Chimie ParisTech in Kenya

ParisTech has been developing a partnership with the University of Nairobi since 2019. After exploratory missions within the framework of the ADESFA program of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the schools in the network are developing their mobility. After the pandemic put a stop to the missions, two researchers from Chimie ParisTech traveled to the University of Nairobi's Faculty of Science and Technology for a week of classes.

Two researchers from Chimie ParisTech-PSL, Fethi Bedioui, who is part of the  SEISAD team in the I-CLEHS laboratory, and Armelle Ringuedé, head of the I2E team at IRCP, inaugurated academic staff mobilities as part of the International Credit Mobility project between ParisTech schools and the University of Nairobi funded by the Erasmus+ program. Between November 14 and 18, the two researchers gave lectures in electrochemistry, illustrated by examples of their respective research, to lecturers, technicians, master's students and PhD candidates in chemistry at the University of Nairobi's Faculty of Science.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, Fethi Bedioui first presented engineering studies in Frnace through the prism of the curriculum provided by Chimie ParisTech-PSL (organization of the curriculum, educational activities, professional opportunities ...).  Then it was around "Electrochemistry: fundamentals and applications in sensing, energy production and storage" that the two researchers exchanged with their audience during these few days. Armelle Ringuedé presented the scientific work of I2E on electrochemical devices for energy, materials etc. Fethi Bedioui presented the work of his team on electrochemical devices for analysis and their miniaturization. The two researchers faced a very interested and active audience, asking many general or very specific questions, all relevant. The exchanges were thus extremely rich. The academic staff from the University of Nairobi was impressed by the facilities available in the French laboratories, while at the same time being surprised to discover the way in which the PhD candidates operate, as they are required to take charge of several aspects of their research work themselves. Throughout the week, the Kenyan audience was particularly interested in the implementation of relationships with companies and the marketing of tools and products used in the laboratories, from sensors to fuel cells, and was very curious about the cost of everything. The week concluded with a presentation of mobility opportunities to France on Erasmus+ funding for master students, PhD candidates and staff.

Welcomed by Brian Ouma, Director of Advancement at the University of Nairobi, Leonidah Kerubo, newly elected Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology and privileged interlocutor of the ParisTech schools, Prof. David Kariuki, Head of the Department of Chemistry and his colleagues and the entire faculty staff, the two researchers were able to establish initial contacts to develop a lasting cooperation. Very happy with their stay and delighted by the warm welcome they received, the two researchers hope to welcome their counterparts to the premises of Chimie ParisTech very soon.

Fethi Bedioui and Armelle Ringuedé also took advantage of their stay to meet Marc Zolver, International Technical Expert at the University of Nairobi, in charge of the pedagogical partnership with the ParisTech schools and CentraleSupélec around the future Science and Engineering Complex, and Mathieu Guérin, attaché for scientific and academic cooperation at the French Embassy. They were also able to prepare for the arrival of a master's student who has been doing an internship with the SEISAD team at Chimie ParisTech since December 1, for several months.

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