Publication date : 13/06/2022
International cooperation

Sophie Griveau, new EELISA Dean of Studies

Sophie Griveau, who has been acting for a few months, has been confirmed for the position of EELISA Dean of Studies.

Sophie Griveau has been confirmed for the position of EELISA Dean of Studies. She is a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and has been an associate professor in the Grande Ecole Chimie ParisTech-PSL since 2005. She also has extensive research activity and publications in the field of electrochemical microsensors, analytical microsystems, and the development of scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM), among others. Sophie was also appointed Director of Studies (2015-2018) and led the coordination of the CTI (Commission des Titres Ingénieurs, France) accreditation file for the Chimie ParisTech-PSL engineering program. Her extensive experience taking on responsibilities at the pedagogical, collective, and managerial levels, as an interlocutor with students as well as her previous experience with EELISA, has led the committee to the unanimous decision to select her for the position.  The committee also emphasized her strong knowledge of the Engineering education field with experience as the former interim Dean of Studies and her proven capacity to interact and assume a coordinating position in EELISA.

Sophie has had an important role in the celebration of the first in-person EELISA Academic & Scientific Board held at UPM Higher Technical School of Engineers of Telecommunication (June 6-7 2022). She has brought a summary of the discussion topics elaborated by EELISA Work Packages.

In addition to the new EELISA Dean of studies, this meeting has counted on the presence of academics from UPB, ENPC, PSL, and UPM, as well as student representatives from UPB, BME and UPM.

The input of students has been an essential part of both formal and informal meetings.

“This has been a great opportunity to collaboratively analyze the added value of the EELISA credentials and its societal impact, as well as to explore ways for the implementation of the joint EELISA catalog and the EELISA disciplinary broadening workshops.”, said Sophie.

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