ParisTech launches its 2022 recruitment campaign extended to the whole world

Publication date : 27/04/2022
International cooperation

ParisTech launches its 2022 recruitment campaign extended to the whole world

The 7 ParisTech schools are launching their 2022 international student recruitment campaign. After opening the program in Asia, ParisTech has decided to give students from all continents the opportunity to apply to enter the second year of the engineering program.

The beginning of spring coincides each year with the preparation of the recruitment campaign for international students in ParisTech schools. Indeed each year, the ParisTech schools - AgroParisTechArts et Métiers, Chimie ParisTech - PSLÉcole des Ponts ParisTechESPCI Paris - PSLInstitut d'OptiqueMines Paris - PSL - recruit dozens of international students who enter the second year of the engineering cycle.

The graduate engineering schools, which support major French companies in their international development, have long been training many international students. The member schools of the ParisTech network have organized themselves to recruit students in emerging countries, first in China since 2000, then in Brazil, Russia, Colombia and Argentina.

In 2021, the schools have opened the ParisTech International Admission Program to bachelor students in several new regions and countries in Asia. In 2022, the schools are opening the program to bachelor students from all over the world in order to diversify the profile of the international students they welcome and give students from all continents the opportunity to study engineering in the French way and start an international career. Students from ParisTech partner universities - except from Russian universities, in accordance with government instructions - have the opportunity to enter a double degree program; Russian students will be able to apply as individuals.

Capitalizing on the digital experience of the last two years, ParisTech schools are launching a digital promotion campaign again this year, particularly in countries where ParisTech has partner universities, but also more widely. This campaign will take place on social networks and webinars are organised. But the schools are also returning to their partner countries, starting with Brazil and Argentina. It is important to renew partnerships after two years of forced absence. The delegation of schools will hold information meetings with interested students and will meet with the faculties and departments of science and engineering of the universities visited.

ParisTech traditionally opens the application platform on June 1. International students must submit their applications by September 21 at the latest. Then comes the admission process itself with an online scientific test, an interview, and even scientific interviews. More and more international students are expected to enter the schools in September 2023.


April 28, 2022, Tsinghua University (China) : Webinar organized by Campus France with participation of ParisTech. Register here.

May 6, 2022, 10:00 – 11:30 (Bogota time) : Webinar for students in Colombia (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad EIA, PUC Javeriana). Register here 

May 17, 2022, 14:00 – 16:00 (Paris time) : Webinar for all students worldwide with participation of all ParisTech schools. Register here.

                             1. ParisTech : Introduction (Marie-Christine Bert)                                 14:00

                             2. Studying engineering at ParisTech schools (MarieChristine Bert)

                             3. ParisTech International Admission Program (Ricardo Lobo)             14:15
                             4. Questions & Answers Session                                                                                  

                             5. ParisTech graduate engineering schools                                           15:00
                                       a. AgroParisTech (Christophe Sodore, Aliénor Jeanne)
                                       b. Arts et Métiers (Daniela Stelmaszyk)
                                       c. Chimie ParisTech – PSL (Fethi Bedioui)
                                       d. Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (Marie-Christine Bert)
                                       e. ESPCI Paris – PSL (Ricardo Lobo)
                                       f. Institut d’Optique (Pierre Baladi)
                                       g. Mines Paris – PSL (Mayra Agudelo)
                            6. Questions & Answers Session

June 2022, Indonesia : Participation of ParisTech in the event « Choose France Education Fair Indonesia 2022 » organized by Campus France Indonesia. Stay tuned!

June 2022, Argentina : Meetings with a delegation of ParisTech’s schools at Universidad Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba and Universidad Nacional del Litoral

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