Publication date : 01/02/2022
International cooperation

ParisTech alumni: meet Florian Pradelle, alumnus of Chimie ParisTech

A French adjunct professor in Brazil

Florian PRADELLE, adjunct professor at Pontíficia Universidate Católica de Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio)

Diplôme d’Ingénieur, Chimie ParisTech (Y2012)

D.Sc. in Mechanical engineering, Pontíficia Universidate Católica de Rio de Janeiro (Y2017)

  1. Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Florian Pradelle. I am French and I did my entire graduation in France, firstly during two years in the French « classes préparatoires » (preparatory classes) at Lakanal High School (Sceaux, 92) and then at one of the ParisTech schools. Thus, I obtained in 2012 the « diplôme d’ingénieur » (engineering degree) of Chimie ParisTech and a Master degree for research. After 4 years of D.Sc. studies, I became professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) in Brazil. Furthermore, I represent ParisTech in Brazil since 2020.

  1. Could you introduce your current position and company?

PUC-Rio is a non-profit private university that offers formation at master and Ph.D./D.Sc. level and hosts about 15,000 students, considering all departments and types of diploma in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The university also welcomes a lot of international students. Indeed, France is actually the first partner country for incoming and outgoing students.

  1. Could you explain briefly what you do in your current position?

My activities can be gathered into three axes: teaching, research on energy-related topics and administration. Regarding this last, I am especially in charge of international cooperation in my department and I am member of internal committees, as for instance at the Institute for Energy (IEPUC) or in the Interdisciplinary Group for Environment (NIMA) at PUC-Rio.

  1. Why did you choose to study in a ParisTech school to become an engineer?

My interest for chemistry and chemical engineering naturally led me to be interested in French Grandes Ecoles dealing with these topics, either in the formation or the research. The syllabus, the quality of both infrastructures and industrial network, the location in Paris and the reputation of ParisTech Grandes Ecoles are the elements that made me choose Chimie ParisTech to obtain my graduate degree in engineering.

  1. What does being a ParisTech engineer mean for you?

Being a ParisTech engineer is first a guarantee of academic excellence, either by the diversity and the quality of the formation or by the development of critical scientific reasoning always in agreements with ethics. It means also be member of a worldwide alumni community, including high-level and influential players in the industrial and the academic sectors.

  1. What did you like during your studies at Chimie ParisTech?

From a professional point of the view, the academic formation is extremely robust and deals with a large scope of topics, that allowed me to define my professional project with confidence. The human-sized campus in the center of the French capital, this cultural hotspot, is extremely welcoming and consists in an important heritage. The different internships offered in the curriculum are also decisive in the process. The opportunity to do the second year of master in research in parallel to the French « diplôme d’ingénieur » and the fact that labs are very accessible also contribute to this favourable context. Projects and student life – I was member of the Students Union office -, are also very pleasant souvenirs. By the way, after 10 years, the sense of being member of the same class still exists.

  1. Could you define in 3 words what is a ParisTech engineer?

A solid formation, critical mind, innovative.

  1. What has this training brought you in your career?

The provided formation, internationally recognized, opened the door of the doctoral school of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at PUC-Rio in which I got a merit-based grant. The validation of credits to obtain the diploma was facilitated by the high quality and the diversity of courses followed at Chimie ParisTech. Moreover, I had the opportunity to do my D.Sc. degree successfully on a topic at the interface between chemistry and mechanical engineering (I was awarded by an organisation of the Brazilian Ministry of Education with the CAPES award for thesis 2018). In my present position, the formation from Chimie ParisTech offered a wide and complementary vision on energy issues, that is an added value to understand and study these complex issues.

  1. What would you say to an international student who hesitates to come to a ParisTech school?

My personal experience is a little bit different because I live abroad, some kind of long-term mobility, after studying in a ParisTech school. Nonetheless, my professional activities give me the opportunity to complete my personal point of view and to speak on behalf of Brazilian students. My message would be the following: the precious double culture, as well as the quality of the formation and the opportunities to build your career are all guaranteed. Studying in one of the ParisTech schools is undoubtfully an asset at both personal and professional level. To sum up, don’t hesitate ! Make your mobility in a ParisTech school!

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