Publication date : 26/08/2021
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ParisTech Alumni: Meet Abhro Choudhury

Abhro Choudhury, Worldwide DELMIA Supply Chain Consultant (Dassault Systemes)

Master degree, Arts et Métiers (Y2018)



Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Abhro Choudhury, 29-year-old Indian living in France since more than 5 years. An industrial engineer by choice and a strong believer that technology has and will be able to solve different complex multi system challenges humanity faces. In other times, I enjoy cooking and singing which I believe brings some spice and fun to life!

Could you introduce your current position and company?

I work for DASSAULT SYSTEMES, a science-based company having innovation in its forefront, bringing technological breakthroughs impacting profoundly on society and people’s lives. I am presently working as a Worldwide DELMIA Supply Chain Consultant and I am based in their global HQ in Vélizy, France.

Could you explain briefly what you do in your current position?

In my role, I am responsible for accompanying business transformations at our customers by orchestrating their Value network and optimizing their operations sustainably for better performance. I am having a worldwide scope thus get an opportunity to discover different cultures all over the globe.

Why did you choose to study in a ParisTech school to become an engineer?

ParisTech is a well-known brand with the best and prestigious engineering schools under its belt. It provides lots of new learning opportunities and does add in a lot of value to your career. I did my masters from Arts et Métiers Sciences et Technologies and it did change my life. It gave me a lot of learning experiences which I had never imagined and prepared me well to enter the professional world.

What does being a ParisTech engineer mean for you?

Being a ParisTech engineer for me means being in the forefront and leading innovation across various multidisciplinary sectors and bringing an impact to humanity.

What did you like during your studies at Arts et Métiers Sciences et Technologies?

Arts et Métiers Sciences et Technologies gave me lots of opportunities and work closely with the industry, this really helped me bridge the industrial and educational worlds. And I would really like to thank the professors and the entire academic staff who was really supportive across the entire journey.

Could you define in 3 words what is a ParisTech engineer?

All-rounder, Humbleness, Social

What has this training brought you in your career?

It will be difficult to say in a few words, I will just say that all that I could achieve and wherever I am today is due to Arts et Métiers Sciences et Technologies, its professors, its network and alumni.

What would you say to an international student who hesitates to come to a ParisTech school?

I understand that taking a decision to come to a different country is never easy, as I have been through the same thought process, but having lived the experience I will suggest that you take the leap, and you would not regret the decision.


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