Publication date : 02/06/2021
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EELISA : Co-create the European « Engineering Renaissance »

Call for Disciplinary Broadening Workshops

The ambition of the EELISA European University is to « develop European degrees heralding the next generation of European engineers capable of pursuing their career and leading sustainable change in a multidisciplinary, diverse, multilingual, and global environment, leveraging the European values ».


Along these lines, and in the framework of the EELISA Work Package 8, EELISA publishes a Call for Disciplinary Broadening Workshops soliciting specific initiatives from the partner institutions able to engage players from research, education, industry & society as a means of pursuing a disciplinary broadening while accomplishing the overall EELISA vision.

We encourage full-day Disciplinary Broadening Workshops proposals aimed at identifying educational needs suitable to enrich the skills set for the engineer of the future with non-engineering competencies and, conversely, to introduce engineering competencies in other academic macro-areas.

Do not miss the unprecedented opportunity to co-create the European « Engineering Renaissance » envisaged in EELISA, by playing role in a process with the ambitious goal to reshape the European model of engineering Higher Education.

Make your voice heard and contribute to the EELISA pioneers to take decisive steps towards the re-definition of a new generation of engineers able to align smart technology with sustainable needs in order to tackle contemporary global challenges.

These new European engineers will be professionals and committed citizens ready to work within interdisciplinary, multilingual, diverse, and pan-European environments, facilitating the transformation of Europe into a fair and prosperous society with a modern resource-efficient economy.


Accreditation procedure and timeline: In order to draft a compliant proposal, please check the guidelines provided in the protocol HERE.

An official Workshops Proposal Template is available HERE.

Workshops proposals should be submitted at least 3 weeks before its planned execution to the following e-mail  address:


First Workshop(s) are expected to start in early-mid June 2021.

Target for 2021: 5 workshops. Target for 2022: 10 workshops.


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