Publication date : 05/12/2022
International cooperation

Back to the Study Fair organized by the Lycée Français de Shanghai

The Lycée Français de Shanghai traditionally organizes a “Salon des Formations” each year in order to inform the pupils about the opportunities after “baccalauréat”.  

On November 25, as in previous years, ParisTech was invited to participate in the "Salon des Formations" organized by the Lycée Français de Shanghai. Marie de Boni, Director of ParisTech Asia, and Minhua Yang met with more than 175 high school students and their parents. The event was a great success! 

The students were very interested in the 7 member schools of ParisTech. They asked many questions about their school and major choices, and of course some students wanted to learn about the school selection process. Many parents also asked questions about career planning and career development. 

Such exchange gave high school students a good opportunity to understand and get to know the French engineer education system. It also gave them a glimpse of the possible directions they could take after becoming an engineer and the infinite possibilities of their future. 

ParisTech Asia was also very pleased to have Manfredi di Rovasenda, an alumnus from Arts et Métiers, who participated and gave great answers to many questions. Through his sharing, students got a better visualization of the experience of studying at a member school of ParisTech. 

The event ended with an awesome cocktail party. ParisTech Asia thank again the Lycée Français de Shanghai for organizing this event and giving us the opportunity to talk face to face with these young people and understand their needs. 

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