Publication date : 17/09/2020
International cooperation

The ATHENS November session is cancelled

After careful consideration, given the uncertainty of COVID-19 the ATHENS network regrets to inform you that it has made the prudent decision to suspend the ATHENS November session.

It has not been easy to take this decision and the ATHENS team shares your deep disappointment as all parties affected have put so much effort in this, however the health and safety of all students and staff is paramount and in this unpredictable times this felt like the best decision to be taken in the best interest of all.

The ATHENS team is firmly conviced that a "full" ATHENS Session experience requires the direct contact between all participants and the sharing of time and space.

The ATHENS network remains deeply committed to the value and importance of international education and look forward to resuming the ATHENS activities as soon as the times will allow it again.

They are already working towards the March 2021 Session with great enthusiasm to offer you one of the best experiences of your life.

See you all in March 2021!

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