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« I am pleased to present the second issue of our ParisTech Newsletter.

When I was elected President on September 12th, I already had strong faith in our network because of the many common values our schools share.

Whether the issue is training (curriculum based on these same principles, with strong interaction with companies and a heavy emphasis on research, recruiting of our students at similar levels, whether in France or abroad, the promotion of diversity, pursuit of doctoral studies, ongoing-education actions for teaching staff…), international projection (coordinated recruiting, partnership agreements with higher education institutions of excellence or funding agencies….), or corporate relations (chairs, joint institutes…), ParisTech has been able to rely on these values to implement many projects of interest to our institutions, in total congruence with their respective site policies.

This issue, dedicated specifically to international strategy, shows once again that for 20 years, the actions we are conducting together have allowed us to be a frontrunning partner of major universities and companies around the world. »


Christian Lerminiaux, 

président of ParisTech



On 20 September, the 91 students of SPEIT’s new Class were received by the Vice-President of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The opening ceremony also provided an opportunity to gather together SPEIT’s patrons (Valeo, PSA, SAFRAN, ARDIAN) and a few other companies with which the school has collaborated: Faurecia, Framatome, Ubisoft, Rockwell Automation, as well as Alibaba, with whom discussions are underway to sign a MoU.


The ARDIAN Excellence Awards (managed by the Foundation of the École Polytechnique) were awarded in the presence of the company's representative.


Scholarships from the University of Jiao Tong were also granted to the four 1st-year international students.


 France is hosting the European Ministerial Conference on Higher Education on 24 and 25 May 2018. This will bring together the ministers of the 48 signatory States to the “Bologna Declaration” on the convergence of higher-education systems in Europe: an opportunity to take stock of the concrete changes brought about over more than 20 years by the Bologna process, the new developments expected following the Conference, and the opportunities for our institutions.

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Graduands from the ParisTech Masters in Transport and Sustainable Development (known as TRADD) and Mobility and Electric Vehicles (known as MVE), met up at their graduation ceremony, accompanied by their families.

On 12th December 2014 the 2014 graduands from the TRADD and MVE Masters courses were awarded their degrees in the Fournel Amphitheatre at Arts et Métiers ParisTech.

The ceremony was one of the highlights in the partnership between ParisTech and the Renault Foundation. Representatives from ParisTech, the ParisTech Grandes Écoles and the Renault Foundation – our partner for both Masters courses – were present to congratulate the graduands:

  • Emeric Fortin, Coordinator of the Masters in Transport and Sustainable Development, École des Ponts ParisTech
  • Philippe Degobert, Coordinator of the Masters in Mobility and Electric Vehicles, Arts et Métiers ParisTech
  • Claire Martin, Director of the Renault Foundation
  • Jean-Philippe Vanot, President of ParisTech
  • Armel de la Bourdonnaye, Director of École des Ponts ParisTech
  • Jérôme Adnot, Director of Education at MINES ParisTech
  • Marie Pruvost, Director of Education at École des Ponts ParisTech

Fifteen different nationalities were represented in the student body. All of them spoke of the richness of their experience, in both academic and social terms. They were keen to thank the teaching staff and the Renault Foundation for their support.

Masters courses which address societal challenges

Both these Masters aim to prepare future engineers for tackling the challenges in the transport sector, whether in research, studies, design or operations.

Congratulations to the young graduates!


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The 2014 Welcome Day, a welcome evening for the international students recruited by ParisTech, was held on 9 October at Arts et Métiers ParisTech. This event brought together nearly 80 incoming students.

Elisabeth Crépon, Director of ENSTA ParisTech and responsible for the ParisTech International Committee, presided over the ceremony. She took the opportunity to confirm that the Institute's policy will continue to strive for excellence. This concept is applied with respect to its lecturers, researchers, and foreign partners, but also in the selection of its students.

Many stakeholders took part in the event. Among them were representatives from the Brazilian, Chinese, and Russian embassies, who all expressed the support of their respective country for ParisTech's international programmes. Former students from the co-ordinated recruitment programmes in Brazil and China talked about their experience in France and in the ParisTech Grandes Écoles.

Jean-Luc Clément, from the delegation for International and European Relations and Co-operation from the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, and Research was also present, and expressed the support of his ministry for the international activities of French institutions.

The ParisTech Grandes Écoles