China is since about 20 years (1998) one of the priorities of ParisTech in international cooperation as well as a priority for its ten engineering schools. They develop in this country:

  • Partnerships with the best universities, including a programme to recruit together Chinese students who would like to obtain a engineering degree in France (China Admission Programme), double degrees, a PhD programme (ParisTech-CSC Doctoral Program), exchanges of students, researchers and teachers, organisation of science events.
  • The first higher education and research institution created abroad by ParisTech in partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, The Shanghai Jiao Tong – ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology (SPEIT)
  • Two others Sino-French Institutes : ICARE and Chimie Pékin
  • Partnerships with French companies located in China (and Chinese ones)
  • Relationships with alumni associations
  • Dialogue with Chinese authorities (particularly with the Ministry of Education and the China Scholarship Council) and French one (especially the Embassy and Campus France) that support the development of new partnerships as well as student, researcher and teacher mobility between ParisTech’s engineering schools and their Chinese partners in universities


To support the development and the implementation of all these actions, ParisTech decided to implement a permanent office in Shanghai in the early 2000s. The office is headed by ParisTech’s representative who

  • is the permanent contact person in China for institutions, academia, companies, student representatives and alumni
  • supports the promotion and development of the actions that ParisTech’s engineering schools undertake alone or together in China
  • is the contact point in China for students, researchers and teachers who are involved in the exchange programmes of ParisTech’s engineering schools



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Watch the interview of ParisTech President Christian Lerminiaux invited to French Business Channel BFM Business to introduce the stategy of Sino-French Institutes.










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