Chimie ParisTech

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Chimie ParisTech was founded in 1896 by Charles Friedel and is an iconic institution in chemistry at national and international levels.  

Developing talented students…

Chimie ParisTech trains chemical engineers with sound scientific knowledge and management training, and knowledge of the business world. 

They will know how to meet the challenges, developments, and innovation requirements in business due to training which places direct emphasis on initiative, creativity and access to the socio-economic world.

During a two-year core curriculum, students at Chimie ParisTech consolidate their scientific skills, before specialising in engineering or research in the third year. Teaching is project-based throughout their education and comes into its own in the 3rd year with a research and development thesis in a chosen field (molecular chemistry, materials science and engineering, chemical industrial processes, nuclear chemistry, renewable energies, organic chemistry and beauty).    

…to invent the chemistry of tomorrow  

Chimie ParisTech's research activities in association with companies or major state research organisations (CNRS [National Centre for Scientific Research], Inserm [National Institute of Health and Medical Research], and universities) cover the whole spectrum of chemistry.

It addresses scientific issues ranging from basic research to applied and innovative research, whose economic potential is easily developed.

In direct contact with the needs and challenges of the business world, the research feeds into a demanding education.

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