ParisTech Office in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

ParisTech schools develop academic and research partnerships in Brazil since some decades.

This cooperation is implemented through double degree diploma and student exchanges between Brazil and France, co-supervised PhDs, joint research projects, the organization of joint scientific events…

This cooperation relies on French and Brazilian scholarship programmes and partnerships with companies.


The ParisTech Office in Brazil has several objectives :

  • Follow-up and development of exchanges with Brazilian universities 

- Follow-up of existing bilateral agreements and development of programmes and cooperation with Brazilian universities ;

- Support to Brazilian students and to ParisTech’s students who would like to go in the partner country ;

- Support to institutional discussions between ParisTech’s schools and their Brazilian academic partners (academic staff exchange, joint research programmes…)


  1. Development of networks and of ParisTech’s reputation in Brazil

- Continuous discussion with French and international companies in Brazil and development of partnerships with companies

- Representation of ParisTech towards Brazilian (CNPq, CAPES, research and innovation foundations, companies…) and French authorities (French embassy, consulates, Campus France)

- Relations with ParisTech Alumni Brazil and students’ associations and support to the development of this network

Communication and promotion of ParisTech, events


Contact : 

The ParisTech Grandes Écoles