The TRADD Master's is celebrating its 10th anniversary

The Transport and Sustainable Development Master's (TRADD), one of the iconic ParisTech Master's, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. 

10 years of a lasting partnership between 3 ParisTech Grandes Écoles (École des Ponts ParisTech, MINES ParisTech and École Polytechnique) and a large industrial partner: Renault and its Foundation.

Founded to support changes in mobility and to address social challenges, the success of the TRADD Master's is related to the strength of ties formed between the different players in this course (Grandes Écoles, partner universities, Renault Foundation, and working tutors). Constant investment, mutual respect and ongoing dialogue are at the base of this success which focuses on innovative values and the demand for ever increasing quality.

This relationship of trust has led to the development of other partnerships between Renault and ParisTech, first and foremost of which is the foundation of the Institute for Sustainable Mobility which is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year.

Making sustainable development the responsibility of everyone, the TRADD Master's provides engineers and economists worldwide with the necessary tools and skills to support the (r)evolution towards sustainable mobility and to contribute to the international influence of expertise à la française.

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10 years of TRADD Master's in figures:

  • 243 students (including 122 women)

  • 27 nationalities

  • 3 Grandes Écoles

  • 9,713 course hours 

  • 159 working tutors in 46 different companies

  • 170 work assignments in Renault

  • 79 academic tutors involved


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