ParisTech schools highly rated in the Shanghai Ranking

The latest Shanghai Ranking, published on 15th August, has once again confirmed that the ParisTech schools are thriving. Three schools – AgroParisTech, ESPCI Paris and MINES ParisTech – were ranked within the top 1,000 institutions worldwide, and the other schools were all recognised in specific subject fields.

The ParisTech schools have proven their ability to compete with the top world universities. All of the schools appear in the subject-specific rankings, and three are listed in the overall ranking – AgroParisTech (701-800 category), a member of the Université Paris-Saclay, and ESPCI Paris (301-400) and MINES ParisTech (401-500), both members of Paris Sciences & Lettres (PSL).
AgroParisTech received its highest rating in the Agricultural Sciences subject ranking, coming 17th compared to 19th the year before, and is also listed for Earth Sciences, Ecology, Atmospheric Science, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science & Engineering, Food Science & Technology, Biotechnology, Remote Sensing, Biological Sciences, Human Biological Sciences and Veterinary Sciences. ESPCI Paris moved up from 50th to 43rd place in physics and is also listed for Chemistry and – for the first time – Medical Technology. MINES ParisTech was recognised for Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering.

The other schools also stand out in their specialist fields. The Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (Université Paris-Est) is listed for Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering, Earth Sciences and Atmospheric Science. Arts & Métiers (HESAM) is ranked for Mechanical Engineering. As well as appearing in the Chemistry ranking, Chimie ParisTech (PSL) is also listed for Materials Science & Engineering and Nanoscience & Nanotechnology. Télécom Paris (Institut Polytechnique de Paris) is recognised for Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering.

Finally, as well as ENSAE Paris (Institut Polytechnique de Paris), which specialises in the field and was listed for the first time, the Economics subject ranking includes no less than three of the ParisTech schools: AgroParisTech, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and MINES ParisTech. This confirms that the engineering schools take a keen interest in both the economic challenges relating to engineering and the economic context in which their engineering graduates will ultimately work.

Thanks to their commitment to providing their students with the best possible education and to developing top-class research projects in their laboratories, the ParisTech schools are recognised as being among the best institutions worldwide and can thus attract the best students. By being listed in international league tables such as the Shanghai Ranking, the schools help to showcase France as a centre of excellence for engineering education and research with strong links with industry. The schools will also soon contribute to the ranking of the groups to which they belong (Paris-Sciences Lettres, Université Paris-Saclay, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, etc.) when the latter enter the Shanghai Ranking. The ParisTech schools are therefore playing a key part in boosting the attractiveness of French universities on the international stage.

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