The ParisTech Entrepreneurs incubator is celebrating its 15th anniversary

In 2014, the ParisTech Entrepreneurs incubator is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

15 years which have allowed it to acquire a unique knowledge and to provide a range of support recognised by French entrepreneurs.

Established in 1999, ParisTech Entrepreneurs has participated in the foundation of more than 300 start-ups with high-potential projects in various fields, such as Big Data, E-health or even Geolocation.

In 15 years, ParisTech Entrepreneurs has managed to establish itself as the benchmark for innovative digital start-ups since the incubator has attracted more than 300 which are responsible for creating more than 2,200 jobs. Furthermore, the survival rate of these start-ups is 80% since ParisTech Entrepreneurs was founded.

The ParisTech Grandes Écoles