ParisTech and Michelin combine their efforts to improve employment prospects for doctors

ParisTech, which has worked hard to increase opportunities for employment for its doctors, is organising made-to-measure recruitment events for its partner companies.

These events allow the companies to identify future employees and to provide information about their activities and fields of work.

Doctoral candidates from the ParisTech schools have the chance to assess the company’s specific features and human resource issues. These events provide a point of contact with a company which is interested in taking on doctors.

The Michelin Group’s 2nd jobs event

On Tuesday 7th October 2014 thirty or so doctoral candidates and young doctors from the ParisTech network took part in the French Michelin Group’s second jobs event at the Mondial de l’Automobile (Paris Motor Show).

Michelin relied on ParisTech to organise this privileged occasion so that young researchers approaching the end of their doctoral programme could have discussions with doctors who are already employed by the Group.

These encounters allowed Michelin to make the ParisTech members aware that innovation is key for the Group. The whole range of fields covered by the Group’s research, development and industrialisation were discussed, from the mechanics of materials to managing Big Data.

Afterwards, participants learned about Michelin’s different business activities, and the careers and paths doctors can follow within the Group. Participants from the ParisTech network then had the opportunity to talk to doctors already employed by the Group.

As a result of Michelin’s first jobs event in 2013, three doctors from Paristech schools were offered posts. This second edition is certain to lead to more posts!

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