October 2018- ParisTech Newsletter n°2


« I am pleased to present the second issue of our ParisTech Newsletter.

When I was elected President on September 12th, I already had strong faith in our network because of the many common values our schools share.

Whether the issue is training (curriculum based on these same principles, with strong interaction with companies and a heavy emphasis on research, recruiting of our students at similar levels, whether in France or abroad, the promotion of diversity, pursuit of doctoral studies, ongoing-education actions for teaching staff…), international projection (coordinated recruiting, partnership agreements with higher education institutions of excellence or funding agencies….), or corporate relations (chairs, joint institutes…), ParisTech has been able to rely on these values to implement many projects of interest to our institutions, in total congruence with their respective site policies.

This issue, dedicated specifically to international strategy, shows once again that for 20 years, the actions we are conducting together have allowed us to be a frontrunning partner of major universities and companies around the world. »


Christian Lerminiaux, 

président of ParisTech


The ParisTech Grandes Écoles