Newsletter number 1 - may 2018

" It is with pleasure that I write these words to introduce you to the first newsletter of ParisTech, new formula. 

Its purpose is to foster the creation of a bond within the ParisTech community, taken in the broad sense: our faculties, teacher-researchers, students, but also our 200,000 alumni, members of ParisTech Alumni, the ParisTech Foundation, which contributes to develop and help others experience common teaching and research projects between our faculties, the representatives of ParisTech International …

This letter will allow you, on a regular basis, to follow the actions carried out by ParisTech’s 4 commissions: Diversity, Communication, Teaching, International, as well as to discover the pivotal events of each of our faculties.

We hope to provide concrete evidence of the achievements and projects our teams are jointly involved in, sharing values that unite them.

 ParisTech is this unique network that allows our faculties, each with its specific ecosystem, to work for scientific excellence and to foster teaching and research both in France and around the world.

Read, tweet, share without moderation … "

Elisabeth Crepon

President of ParisTech

The ParisTech Grandes Écoles