IFCIM celebrates its 15th birthday

As part of the celebrations for the 15th anniversary of the Institut franco-chinois d’ingénierie et de management (IFCIM)*, and more globally to commemorate 50 years of Franco-Chinese relations, IFCIM’s supervisory Board met at Shanghai’s Tongji University on Monday 27th October 2014.

The meeting was presided over jointly by Jean-Philippe Vanot, the President of ParisTech, and Bo Jiang, the Vice-president of Tongji University.

Armel de la Bourdonnaye, director of the École des Ponts ParisTech, and representatives from businesses which are members of the Board, were also in attendance, together with Frédéric Bretar, the science and technology attaché at the French Consulate in Shanghai, and Xiaoxian Wang, representing the City of Shanghai’s Office of Human Resources.

On 19th October the awards ceremony for the Franco-Chinese MBA was held. This was the 12th year of this SIMBA training.


*The IFCIM, situated within Tongji University, is a platform for organising training and recruitment programmes and for institutional and governmental meetings between France and China. Since its creation, 1,500 Chinese and French students have benefited from its services.

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