1921 European students benefit from the ATHENS network to have courses all around Europe

1921 students from 15 European excellent universities of science and technology and from 9 ParisTech’s engineering schools participate in ATHENS network’s exchange program between November 17 and November 25.

Bucharest, Budapest, Delft, Istanbul, Lisboa, Leuven, Louvain, Madrid, Milano, Munich, Paris, Prague, Warsaw, Vienna. ATHENS’s students (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network) have a big choice to experiment mobility in another European country.

Indeed ATHENS’ members propose to their students since twenty years (20th birthday was celebrated in Paris in December 2017), twice a year, in March and in November, to follow one week courses in another  partner institution. It is often the first mobility experience for these students.

From November 17, 1921 students – 1161 from ParisTech’s engineering schools and 760 from other institutions – will take one of the courses proposed by twenty European institutions, including seven ParisTech’s members (Agro ParisTech, Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Chimie ParisTech, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, ENSTA ParisTech, Mines ParisTech, Télécom ParisTech). This seven schools propose more than 50% of the courses for this session.  Paris welcoms 269 European students whereas 324 ParisTech students move to another European partner and 837 use this opportunity to take courses in another school of the Parisian network.

Courses cover various fields like physics, materials, data, deep learning, acoustics, building, sustainable cities, satellites, depollution, energy, transport, industrial engineering, ICT for environment or health, biomechanics, finance, agriculture policy, citizen science – plenty of opportunities for these future engineers to address societal challenges. ParisTech chair « Urban Mining » (Arts & Métiers ParisTech, Chimie ParisTech, Mines ParisTech) proposes also one week lessons on recycling of electric and electronic waste. Each lesson is validated by the original institution regarding the results in the exam organised by the host institution. Each session is 2-3 ECTS worthy. Students also benefit from a cultural program in the host city: visitors in Paris wil enjoy bateaux mouches, museum of architecture, city visits (Marais, Montmartre, Cité…) .

For the first time this year, a professor of Delft Technical University will teach in Mines ParisTech. The mission is funded by an Erasmus+ scholarship. The ATHENS network wants to test in this way the funding synergy that the European Commission wishes to encourage, particularly within the call for proposal European Universities.

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