École Polytechnique


A unique model…

The École polytechnique trains male and female leaders who are capable of performing complex and innovative activities to meet the challenges of society in the 20th century.
Its unique multi-disciplinary model, based on the sciences and engineering, ensures close integration between the three stages of education (engineering degree, master and doctorate) and its research centre, and in-depth development of behavioural and people skills are included in these courses.

which is supported by a cutting-edge research centre

The École polytechnique research centre brings together 20 laboratories, which are all joint research units with the CNRS in 8 major scientific disciplines: biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, mathematics, applied mathematics, mechanics and physics.

Prestigious international agreements

The École polytechnique signed a double degree agreement in 2012 with Columbia University as part of the Alliance programme and in 2013 with MIPT (Moscow) and Caltech.  It also concluded a framework partnership agreement with Technion (Israel).  Finally, it teamed up with Stamford for an exceptionally innovative entrepreneurship training programme. Building such strategic partnerships with targeted players guarantees reciprocal exchanges between students, lecturers and researchers.

A pluralist future within Paris-Saclay

The École polytechnique is a founder member of ParisTech which aims to facilitate international recruitment of its partners, social access, and innovative education. The Grande École takes part in the Paris-Saclay excellence initiative in collaboration with 21 players.  It is also involved in 11 Labex (Laboratories of Excellence) and 9 Equipex (Equipment of Excellence).

The ParisTech Grandes Écoles