Dissemination of knowledge


This heading brings together access to the cultural, scientific, and educational output of the ParisTech Grandes Écoles and their partners.


Since 2002, ParisTech has initiated filing theses online by its doctoral students to expand its influence and to attract the best international applicants. Nowadays, PASTEL has become a reference collection.


Scientific publications

Created in March 2010, the open archive HAL ParisTech gives international visibility to the scientific publications of the lecturer-researchers of the 12 Grandes Écoles (full texts and bibliographic information). It brings together the open archives of the Grandes Écoles.


Grandes Écoles' Presses and Books

The ParisTech lecturers and researchers publish nearly 150 books each year, which are published either by the Grandes Écoles’ publishing houses, or by French or foreign publishers
Access the Grandes Écoles' Presses catalogues representing more than 600 titles:


ParisTech Review  

ParisTech Review is an online journal which deals with the impact of technology, as well as major developments affecting demography, climate, and natural resources, on businesses, the economy, society and individuals.

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